Dec. 12, 2005

My boy...

Davey just walked in.

"Knock, knock," he says.

"Who's there?"


"Tuba who?"

"Tuba TOOTHPASTE!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

I sure do love that kid.

And he loves Twisted Sister. He says he wishes he could turn into Dee Snyder, the way the kid does on the video.

It would be a pretty neat trick, I have to admit.

Happy Holidays... All this talk of Twisted Sister reminds me, it's nearly Christmas. Happy holidays! I have to say that because, of course, there's a war on Christmas. Oh, come on, people! We all know what holiday comes to mind when we hear "Happy holidays!" Do I have to spell it out?

Nobody's going to forget it's nearly Christmas, whether we all celebrate it or not.

Of course, we do, and we celebrate in December because, of course, Jesus was born in the spring. I don't care. I'm just glad He showed up.


I supposed it merits mention, I found out from my doc that I'm allergic to wheat. Wheat! Actually, it hasn't been too bad adjusting, but eating out is complicated. That's when I miss it. We haven't been out much lately, so it hasn't been too bad so far. Plus, it's not like I'll die if I eat it. I just get really itchy. Then I take a Benadryl, and that fixes it.


Been doing a lot of fiddle-playing - Irish folk songs, mostly. Lots of fun. Gabe wants to learn to play the guitar parts. I have a heck of a time teaching him because, of course, I can't play guitar. The trick is to corner Les when he gets home from work and is still conscious enough to show Gabe himself.

Davey wants to play fiddle. We're gonna get him one (you can get a little one pretty cheap), and I have a feeling it'll be easier to teach Davey fiddle than it's been for me to teach Gabe guitar. Cuz, you know, I play fiddle.


Bulbs are waiting to be planted, roses and lantana to be trimmed. Well, take a number.

Nov. 15, 2005

Gabe had Scouts tonight. Both kids did pretty well today with school, although Davey didn't want to do school at all. He's the only 4-year-old I know to whom I can appeal with reasoning. I asked, "Do you want school to take all day, or do you want to get done with it so you can play?" So we did school.

Gabe is sitting behind me, watching Ramones videos. He informs me that Lamar, the green alien who has moved in with us, is watching, too. Lamar is a moon alien. Okay, let me back up.

Yesterday, we went to the park, where we found that the playground equipment had turned into a spaceship, so we flew it to Jupiter. Davey was the pilot, of course, and I captained, with Gabe as the ship's mechanic. When we got to Jupiter, we found only one alien: Lamar. As I stated previously, Lamar is a moon alien, so we figured he must've gotten separated from his family. We brought him back to earth with us, and Gabe spent quite some time telling Lamar about how things work on Earth. (In case you are not familiar with moon aliens, by the way, Lamar is green, with three eyes above his head and scaly skin. Green, yet invisible.)

The boys determined that they must go to the moon to find Lamar's family, but I didn't want to go (I was a little tired, having already done so much traveling), so they flew with Lamar to the moon and found his family. But they decided they would like to visit Earth, so they are here now, and they have moved in with us. It might sound crowded, but really, I hardly notice they're here.

Nov. 3, 2005

Gabe had a dr's appointment this morning, a follow-up after last week's struggle with asthma.

Homeschool doesn't take long most days. We only did science and history/geography today, but we did about 3 days' worth of each. Then, the electricity went out (no apparent reason), so we went outside and played with the sidewalk chalk. Gabe did math problems all over the sidewalk. His idea. Davey and I drew things.

Then Gabe watered the yard, and Davey managed to get soaking wet. Like it's hard to do that when you're four.

Life is not exciting, but that's fine with me.