Batboy spotted at Grandma's! Buzz Lightyear Chucky the Toe Davey with hat Davey the Fireman (at the church fall festival) Gabe finishing up a construction project at Grandma's Buzz and Woody pigging out at the mall Patricia, Gabe, and Davey with Midnight at Grandma's Grandma and Davey perform a concert Patricia and Davey at the mall Grandma's cat, Tommy Patricia with Buzz and Woody at the mall Grandma and Davey make beautiful music Patricia and Davey at Grandma's Davey at Grandma's Gabe with his Halloween haul Gabe helping with yard work at Grandma's Gabe full of sugar Tommy on the lookout for scritches Gabe and Midnight at Grandma's Tommy Gabe, Davey, and Midnight at Grandma's Patricia freaks out her hair Davey the Wonderboy Gabe at Grandma's Grandma's dog, Midnight Gabe and Patricia at Grandma's Gabe Davey in the kitchen with Grandma and Granny (Great-Grandma) Gabe's pony ride Patricia hard at work (or playing cards) Tommy the curly kitty Gabe contemplating a construction project Gabe with hula hoop Pretty Rosie Davey at Grandma's Gabe, Man of Action Gabe Face painting Gabe's pony ride Patricia freaks out Les (not really; he's used to it) Gabe contemplates where to put the jacuzzi Painting pumpkins Gabe with cockatiel Rosie with her toy carrot Sleepy Davey Phase 1 Sleepy Davey Phase 2 Sleepy Davey Phase 3 Gabe Patricia Gabe's pony ride Rosie with her toy carrot Rosie